Movieline's Week in Review: Boom!

Stand back! Brace yourself! Nothing can prepare you for the rocking magnitude of the blast that is Movieline's Week in Review. Read on for all of it, but careful! Don't look directly into the light, and consider hiding the children. And in any case be stay to drop by this weekend for box-office updates and other fiery dispatches from the one and only Louis Virtel. Have a good one!

· Many thanks to this week's illustrious interviewees, including Sam Shepard, Pam Grier, Sugar Ray Leonard, Tom Six, Laurence R. Harvey and Verge designee Juno Temple.

· Netflix's 10 most rented movies will shock, delight and sadden you -- maybe not quite as much as Dirty Girl's utterly oversexed, temporarily underaged blog will, but still.

· Tower Heist was valued at, oh, right around $60.

· We went down under for this week's Bad Movie We Love.

· Avengers! Snow White! This calls for photos!

· David Cronenberg and Michael Fassbender stopped by NYFF to to stump for A Dangerous Method, but did it affect the Oscar Index?