Julia Roberts vs. Charlize Theron: Who Makes the Better Snow White Evil Queen?

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest Evil Queen of them all? Is it Julia Roberts, who will star opposite Lily Collins's Snow White in Tarsem Singh's untitled fairy tale adaptation? Or is it Charlize Theron, who will play the wicked queen opposite Kristen Stewart's armored Disney princess in Snow White and the Huntsman? Take a look at the side-by-side comparison below before deciding for yourself.


Entertainment Weekly premiered the first photo of Roberts in character as the Evil Queen as well as a few other new photos of Lily Collins and Armie Hammer. While we love Lily Collins's Snow White ballgown (no comment on the Bjork-inspired headpiece), Julia Roberts looks more like a poorly-outfitted peasant with a soft spot for peacock feathers than an evil sorceress who plots deaths via poisoned apples. Which Evil Queen do you prefer?

Both Snow White films are due in theaters next year.



  • Jared says:

    Charlize please. She looks sexy and evil...my kind of woman. Julia looks like my grandmother.

  • dina says:

    Charlize looks like she could shank a beyotch, julia looks sorta budget poor thing.

  • jo says:

    well at least julia's queen will have a reason to be jealous of snow white. what reason does charlize have to be jealous of kristen stewart?

  • Kay says:

    @ Jo - OIC we have a hater Put of YOUR picture. 3 Fall magazine covers, not at least of which was a coveted W Mag September issue, "it girl" status and the love of Rob Pattinson to start. Not to mention she's a bada*s in her own right, smart, talented *(just ask Foster, De Niro, Penn, Timothy Olyphant, Bill Condon...), naturally beautiful and confident. Need I go on? LOL Charlize all the way, SWATH is going to huge.

  • Deeze says:

    Julia, DUH!!! Charlize is just in a better Halloween costume with more make-up.

  • jo says:

    lol, let me guess you are one of those crazy ass twilight fans that pounce on anyone who dares speak against the cast.

  • ryan says:

    Oh great a twihard comment. No offense to twihards but thats probably the only thing I won't like about the other snow white movie and thats all the twilight fans are gonna be swarming around it because kristen stewart is in it. Charlize >>> Julia though.

  • noa says:

    Charlize is way better actress then Julia

  • Crusher says:

    @Ryan Robert Pattinson ain't the lead so they ain't showin. Kristen Stewart movies make pennies. I'm swarming this for sexy Charlize and Chris "Thor" Hemsworth. Give it up Julia.

  • That is the funniest thing I've read all week. Thank you!

  • jo says:

    @crusher, the i guess kay is an obsessive kristen stewart fan then rather then a twihard?

  • stolidog says:

    they're different. My guess is that Charlize will be freezing cold and outright hostile while Julia will be backstabbing and conniving.
    They're dressed appropriately for it.
    But, please let Charlize's Snow White version end in victory for her.

  • angie says:

    i really like julia but this outfit is ridiculous and lilly bjork much i go with SWATH besides charlize looks really like an evil queen with the knife and all and chris is just so sexy i enjoyed the photos of the batlle in SWATH

  • anonymous says:

    Charlize is gonna blow Julia Roberts out of the water. I mean, she won an oscar for playing somebody mosntrously cruel (and judging by the trailer for young adult, she is going to be at least nominated for playing an uber-bitch), so she will be far more suited to the part of the evil queen. Julia Roberts just seems like a soccer mom in a bad thanksgiving pageant. Charlize FTW!

  • Sam R. says:

    When comparing these 2, the answer should always unequivocally be: Charlize The-Ron

  • Marissa says:

    The movies are so incredibly different, there's not comparing them. The Julia Roberts/Lily Collins version is much more of the traditional Snow White story, whereas the Charlize Theron version is a very very different take on the story. Charlize will be playing a more warrior, hardcore evil quin. Julia will probably be more of a sophisticated evil, backstabbing and such. The winner for me is the Julia Roberts movie, because I love the Snow White story and I'm not really found of this "warrior" character they've created in the other. Also, I think Lily Collins is an incredible, absolutely gorgeous actress. Kristen Stewart is an emotionless robot.

  • Vanessa & Maizy says:

    hmm not liking the simple fact that kristen stewart is going to play snow white oh no not good, just because she comes out of the popular movies the twiligjt saga is no reson for her to come out in this movie, if yall wanted somebody from twilight to come out in this movie you should've just chosen either ashley green or nikkie reid bt kristen stewart really I mean charlie thorne is a beautiful badass actress kristen would just make this movie suck ass

  • Rachel says:

    The point of the Evil Queen was that she was beautiful, deceptive, and conniving. Both look fantastic but to choose I would have to see how they portray they're character. I hope both do a fantastical job!

  • Maya says:

    extremely helpful stuff, all round I imagine this is worthy of a book mark, many thanks