Stare at New Avengers Images of Avengers Staring at Things

avengers1_630.jpgThe perfect way to gloss over a particularly terrible EW cover? Let a bunch of new set pics slide their way onto the interwebs! Oh, Disney. So smart. Let's take the bait and dive into the new, gloriously (seemingly) Photoshop-free Avengers images to salivate over hard bodies poured into superhero spandex! I'm talking about you, Chris Evans. And I guess you too, ScarJo.

Among the newly released international promo pics from the set of The Avengers are superheroes looking skyward, dumbfounded, other teammates looking askance, annoyed, and a heroine looking downward as an explosion goes off behind her, nicely complimenting her red hair. Maybe she's responsible for said explosion and taking a minute to think about what she's done. Or perhaps there's something out of frame on the ground she desperately wants to pick up but her costume is too tight for her to bend over. Food for thought, people. Food for thought.




Click here to see more new Avengers images in the Movieline gallery.

[via Superhero Hype]


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