VIDEO: Tyler Perry is Richest Entertainer to Be Lampooned on SNL

For comics and cultural critics of virtually every color and persuasion, Tyler Perry is the textbook definition of an easy target: A mogul whose media empire rests atop a foundation of alleged minstrelsy, union-busting, cross-dressing, bad hit television and mass-produced screen melodrama. Add his recently disclosed $130 million annual earnings to the picture, and it's like the target was moved within inches of its respective shooters -- one of whom, perhaps obviously, was Saturday Night Live.

Still: Not bad! Kenan Thompson played the writer-director-producer-actor-studio baron in Saturday's "Weekend Update" segment, during which Seth Meyers reminded him that he beat out the likes of Steven Spielberg and Jerry Bruckheimer for the honors of highest-paid entertainer in showbiz. "I did, I did," Perry replies. "But keep in mind that those men are Jewish and are at a traditional disadvantage in Hollywood." And the kicker, again responding to Meyers: "My movies are about the modern black experience. They're all disaster movies." And how about that title for his next film? I mean, it's probably not far from the real title. I'll be there with bells on.

Anyway, how long before Perry hosts SNL? It has to happen eventually, right?


  • Cinesnatch says:

    Kenan Thompson is talented, but he can't do impressions. At a minimum, they should have done Tyler as Madea. After all, it's the character that made him rich and if they were going to make fun of him, well ... it would have poetically made sense ... on a couple of levels.
    That being said, something tells me they would have been a lot better off by putting the much more adept Jay Pharoah in a fat suit to do the number.

  • tablet says:

    "Every black person in America goes to seem them"
    Or bootleg his stuff. 🙂