Twit Wit: The 5 Best Tweets About This Weekend's Movies


Nope, new movies 50/50, Courageous, and Dream House didn't take the weekend box office away from Moneyball and Dolphin Tale. Boo, I know. But that doesn't mean your favorite Twitter celebrities didn't have anything to say about it! In today's Twit Wit, we see what Sarah Silverman, Patton Oswalt, and one staggering Jeopardy! champ have to say about the cineplex. I'll take "Moneyball Jokes" for $600, Alex.

5. Alec Baldwin had a rough weekend at the movies. Herman Melville and Keisha Castle-Hughes will not appreciate the way he expresses it.

I'm 0 for 2. That movie sucked whale ass.
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4. National Lampoon takes a 50/50 joke to a deadly, uncomfortable place. I approve!

See Rogen's cancer comedy '50/50' this weekend... Studio scrapped our AIDS romcom '100/0' for it.
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3. Sarah Silverman still can't shake the beat of Contagion. Cue the Peggy Lee "Fever" medley!

The soundtrack to Contagion is really catchy
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2. Patton Oswalt knows that jokes about mildly popular pop songs from 1977 slay us!

Wish MONEYBALL had been about the guy who sang "Two Tickets To Paradise" fighting testicular cancer.
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1. Ken Jennings is used to being a champ, but today he becomes a brand new type of victor: a winning moneyballer.

After seeing Moneyball, I've been thinking about unloading my kids for two cheaper kids that draw a lot of walks.
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