Friday Box Office: Courageous Leads Newcomers, But It's No Moneyball


Moneyball rose to the top of the leaderboard on Friday's box office tally, which is no surprise. It's baseballing time. You should be re-watching Pride of the Yankees, Fear Strikes Out, and Field of Dreams by now. Further on down the rankings, newcomers Courageous, 50/50, Dream House, and What's Your Number finish comparably, with the low-budget Courageous and 50/50 showing the most potential. Full listings after the jump.

1. MONEYBALL $3,850,000 ($29,819,000)

2. DOLPHIN TALE $3,465,000 ($26,736,000)

3. THE LION KING (IN 3D) $3,305,000 ($71,899,000)

4. COURAGEOUS $3,100,000

5. 50/50 $2,867,000

6. DREAM HOUSE $2,661,000

7. WHAT'S YOUR NUMBER? $2,050,000

Friday Box Office Chart [Box Office Mojo]


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