Virtual Newsstand:, September 2011

Every month at Movieline, we collect the best interviews, smartest features, and most compelling reviews we've produced, and curate them in one easy-to-use table of contents called the Virtual Newsstand, which pays tribute to our print magazine history. Here's the Virtual Newsstand for September 2011.

September 2011


Friends For Life
Seth Rogen and Will Reiser on 50/50 and why sometimes life needs a rewrite

Taylor Power
Taylor Lautner breaks down love scenes, stunts and the rest of his living dangerously in Abduction

Byrne Notice
One good Bridesmaids turn deserves another for Movieline favorite Rose Byrne

Dream Weaver
Sigourney Weaver talks Abduction, Ghostbusters 3 and the joys and pleasures of studying Twilight

'Real Life is Kind of Hard For Me'
A candid Nick Nolte opens up about falling off the wagon for Warrior

Huston Electric
Dynastic dynamo Anjelica Huston on 50/50, discovering her grandfather's films, and Oprah's Oscar grudge

File Under Gus
Gus Van Sant on Restless, test-screening nightmares and why he really did want to direct Breaking Dawn

Heart to Hartnett
Where's Josh Hartnett been lately? Let's start with Bunraku

Ask an Adult-Film Superstar
Joanna Angel guest reviews the porn comedy Bucky Larson with our own intrepid Julie Miller

Having a Moneyball
What was director Bennett Miller's secret for turning around the troubled baseball flick? Keep it personal

Dear John
Director John Singleton isn't messing around with his franchise-hopeful Abduction

The Y Factor
Chuck's Yvonne Strahovski makes a break for movie stardom in Killer Elite

Tyrese Time
His 2011 films combined to gross a total of $1.7 billion worldwide. But wait until you hear his new album

Munn for the Road
Olivia Munn stops for a chat on her way to her big-screen breakthrough

Hot Rod
Rod Lurie knows what you're thinking about his Straw Dogs remake. Let him explain

Summer of Stellan
Stellan Skarsgard reflects on his comic-book exploits in Thor -- and what to expect from The Avengers

What's the Angle
Kurt Angle on Warrior, acting ambition and following The Rock out of WWE


Tom Cullen and Chris New

Corey Stoll


And They're Off...
Introducing the 2011 Oscar Index: your weekly, foolproof awards-race breakdown

Are You My Mother?
Screening notes from the ridonkulous Taylor Lautner LOLfest Abduction

Legend Tracking
9 milestones in the evolution of Robert De Niro

Movieline crunches the numbers on Tyler Perry's $130 million paycheck

The Way We Worked It
Who wins the great Robert Redford/Brad Pitt hair war?

Malignant Mastery
From Brian's Song to Terms of Endearment, cancer's 5 greatest performances in film

History Lessons
Breakfast at Tiffany's at 50 -- we need to talk about Mr. Yunioshi

The Golden Child
What's the upside of Eddie Murphy hosting the Oscars?

Copycat Crimes
Wedding Crashers copycat crime lands University of Wisconsin student in jail

Abduct This
The 9 most scathing critical responses to Abduction

Down and Dirty
I spent 29 minutes playing Dirty Dancing's Facebook game so you don't have to

Bombs Away
Creature opens to $220 per screen, 6 people per showing

Ask a Dolphin
Real-life marine mammals review and reflect on Dolphin Tale

An American Werewolf in Trouble
3 genres better suited to Taylor Lautner's talents


Sold! (?)
The 5 films likeliest to ignite a TIFF bidding war

Say Cheese
Keira Knightley, Chloe Moretz, Francis Ford Coppola and more luminaries snapped in the TIFF portrait booth

Going Down
George Clooney and The Descendants overloaded with calculation

Just Friends
Friends With Kids falters in the end but does right by Adam Scott

Mass Hysteria
The vibrator invention tale hums along; Albert Nobbs drops the tea tray

Twixt and Shout
Francis Ford Coppola's latest is a milestone of stubborn old-coot filmmaking

Woody Power
Harrelson disarms in the fierce cop tale Rampart

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Trumped by Trailer?
Paranormal Activity 3 is a misfire, but is there still time to salvage it?

Hercules! Hercules!
Kevin Sorbo on the twisted Julia X 3D, Christian films, and Hollywood snobbery

Barf Central
The Human Centipede 2 premiere claims a victim

Retro Scares
Paranormal Activity 3 viral VHS tapes pop up at Fantastic Fest

Bare-knuckle champ James Quinn McDonagh talks Knuckle and its planned HBO series

Cop Talk
Jose Padilha talks Oscar entry Elite Squad 2, his take on RoboCop and those Fassbender rumors

Fantastic Debates
Frodo loses epic nerd fantasy boxing match

Too Cold
Video: Dominic Monaghan karaoke raps 'Ice Ice Baby'

Fantastic Love
Rom-com Extraterrestrial, erotic musical Underwater Love charm

On the Scene
You're Next graffiti: Is Banksy at Fantastic Fest?

"Where's Your Pippin Now?"
Video: Elijah Wood challenges Dominic Monaghan to a Hobbit on Hobbit fight



Apollo 18

Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star


Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame

Dolphin Tale

Dream House



Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life

I Don't Know How She Does It

Killer Elite

The Lion King 3D

Love Crime

Machine Gun Preacher

Main Street



Red State


Shark Night 3D

Straw Dogs

Take Shelter


Tucker & Dale vs. Evil


What's Your Number?


Cool World

Halloween H20

The Main Event

Sex and the City 2

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