Utah Theater Fined for Showing Sexually-Explicit Hangover Part II

hangover2poster300.jpgThe Hangover Part II may have been wildly popular everywhere else in the world -- in part thanks to the sexually-suggestive shenanigans its heroes get involved in, transvestite genitals and all -- but there's one place where those hijinks don't fly: Utah. Good old morally-stringent Utah, where one theater was fined $1,627 for screening the R-rated blockbuster comedy on account of its "attire and conduct violations." (That's $400 more than what a local restaurant was fined for serving alcohol to a minor, by comparison.)

The Brewvies Cinema Pub is a Salt Lake City theater that serves beer in movie screenings, which is how they got popped; under the jurisdiction of Utah's strict liquor laws, the pub is subject to Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control rules against mixing alcohol with "certain sex acts and full frontal nudity." And boy, does The Hangover Part II have plenty of both.

From the Salt Lake Tribune:

The Utah Highway Patrol's liquor enforcement team conducted the sting against Brewvies in June at the request of the liquor-control department, said UHP spokesman Dwayne Baird. The liquor department's request was based on a complaint by a strip club that it had been cited for sexually explicit violations while Brewvies was getting away with showing equally explicit films.

Thanks a lot, strip club guys!

[Salt Lake Tribune via CinemaBlend]