TRAILER: Unauthorized: The Harvey Weinstein Project Looks Pretty Much Like Harvey Weinstein Project

As a longtime Harveyologist, few prospects on the movie beat seem more appealing to me than an unauthorized documentary about Harvey Weinstein. I mean, Harvey Weinstein! Just saying the name conjures both quivering fanboy chills and the faint, foggy effluvia of sweat and Diet Coke wafting over a freshly vacuumed and Febrezed red carpet. Harvey. Weinstein. Stirring, no? So why, why does the first trailer for Unauthorized: The Harvey Weinstein Project leave me so cold?

Maybe because it's a succession of platitudes from the likes of Martin Scorsese, John Irving and Peter Bart followed by platitudes from the filmmaker about how foolhardy a Weinstein doc is? Huh? Filmmaker Barry Avrich got an audience with Scorsese but oh, the folly of it all? This doesn't even look like fragments from a real doc as much as a test coat of new gloss for the Weinstein legend, as though Harvey dreamed the whole thing up as some reinforcement of his own pedigree and utter unknowability. Not to allege a conspiracy or anything. I'm just saying: Harvey! Focus! W.E. needs your full attention!

I'm a Harvey obsessive, and honestly, this just makes me want to switch to Scott Rudin. Nice Statue of Liberty, though.


[via Cinema Blend]