Talkback: Should Chris Nolan Direct The Twilight Zone?

chris-nolan-breakdown.jpgAccording to Variety, Christopher Nolan tops the shortlist to helm Warner Bros.' Twilight Zone reboot, but he's not alone on the list of potential candidates; Michael Bay, Alfonso Cuaron, and Rupert Wyatt are also in the mix to direct the big-budget, single-story version based on Rod Serling's original sci-fi television series. Nolan may have an in with producer Leonardo DiCaprio and the studio that released his last five films, not to mention the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises. But should he get the gig?

It might all be much simpler if each director was given a portion of the film to shoot, a la 1983's Twilight Zone: The Movie, which split duties between John Landis, Steven Spielberg, Joe Dante, and George Miller. Then again, probably not; could you see Nolan, Bay, Cuaron, and Wyatt sharing the same bill, let alone working together to create a balanced omnibus film?

Meanwhile, there's the question of each director's upcoming schedule. Nolan and Bay already have other projects on deck, and it'd certainly be refreshing to see Bay go the small-scale route with his Pain & Gain crime pic than take on another huge franchise. Wyatt earned a bump with Rise of the Planet of the Apes, which earned critical acclaim, but would he just go straight into prepping its inevitable sequel?

Which leaves Cuaron. He's certainly got the sci-fi/fantasy chops, with Children of Men, Harry Potter, and the upcoming Gravity under his belt. But is he the right guy for The Twilight Zone?

Chime in below.

• Nolan, others may be slipping into 'THE TWILIGHT ZONE' [Variety's Showblitz]


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