VIDEO: Conan Parodies the Tyler Perry Buffoonery Debate

Earlier this month, Tyler Perry was crowned entertainment's highest paid man. Upon hearing this news on last night's Conan, a staffer decided to get a piece of that $130 million bufferoony paycheck with his own mouthy, Madea-style character, Grandma Deondra. Check out the video and stick around for more Buzz Break.

· See how much today's movie stars -- like Brad Pitt -- make compared to yesterday's movie stars like Marilyn Monroe! It'll be fun, informative and a great conversation starter! [TheAwl]

· Start saving up -- you might have to pay for your own 3-D glasses in the future. [EW]

· Breaking! Jonah Hill is not angry at The Lion King for beating Moneyball at the box office this weekend...but he doesn't think you should be seeing 20-year-old movies. [MTV]

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