Adios, Andy Rooney, and 5 Other Stories You'll Be Talking About Today

Happy Wednesday! Also in today's edition of The Broadsheet: Summit signs up to go to Area 52... Michael Moore wants his book yanked from shelves in "murderous" Georgia... A closer look at Martin Scorsese's epic George Harrison documentary... and more.

· This is not quite movie-related, but it's a little too easy to snark on antediluvian 60 Minutes commentator Andy Rooney, who on Tuesday announced that he will deliver his final segment for the TV newsmagazine on Sunday night. Sure, on the one hand, he's most recently taken to ranting about his taste for newspapers and confusion over Lady Gaga. On the other, the 92-year-old World War II correspondent has logged 33 years, 1,097 essays, countless impersonations and untold influence on multiple generations who -- admit it -- can't help but relate sometimes to his being nudged further and further to some rare rational edge of contemporary American culture. A lot of folks might say Rooney is a caricature who hasn't been relevant in years, but I'd venture an alternative theory: Even on his own show, he's an outsider -- just like the rest of us who know and acknowledge privately or otherwise that this development itself is the end of something. Also: We're getting old. [Deadline]

· Like here, how about this: Summit Entertainment has acquired the screen rights to the 2001 comic-book series Area 52, about a group of misfits overseeing a secret government holding space where a killer alien busts loose on a bender. Seriously? This makes you want to rant, right? Go ahead! Do it for Andy. [Deadline]

· He wouldn't be Michael Moore without exploiting a bad situation for maximum gain, and so with the recent Troy Davis execution in mind, the filmmaker and author has taken to his Web site to lobby for a 100-percent boycott of Georgia -- up to and including the removal of his new memoir, Here Comes Trouble, from shelves there: "I will ask my publisher to pull my book from every Georgia bookstore and if they won't do that I will donate every dime of every royalty my book makes in Georgia to help defeat the racists and killers who run that state." [ via The Guardian]

· "George didn't like boundaries, and time was one of those big boundaries he didn't like -- it was stretched and twisted by him." And thus George Harrison's widow helps tease the epic documentary Living in the Material World, directed by Martin Scorsese, premiering this weekend at the New York Film Festival and hitting HBO on Oct. 5 and 6. [Vanity Fair]

· Ahem. Coincidentally! "Because It Can't All Be Cynicism And Snark: The Most Goddamn Adorable Couples In Hollywood History" Love it. [Pajiba]

· This continued delusion of Toronto as the world's worst sports city only underscores how many ostensible sports fans have never spent any time in Atlanta. They bombed the freaking Olympics, folks. And that's to say nothing of Braves games. The. Worst. [Grantland]