Watch the Goofy, Spoofy Trailer for Upright Citizen Brigade's Freak Dance

Comedy troupe Upright Citizen's Brigade take their sketch and improv hijinks to the feature film format in Freak Dance, a movie that purports to spoof "every dance movie ever made." Featuring cheesy '80s fashion and bad '80s movie attitudes to match, it certainly covers a lot of ground in the dance movie genre. But every dance movie there is? We'll see about that. Upside: It does have Amy Poehler spitting lines like, 'That music sounds like murder!' Check it out after the jump.

The official synopsis:

FREAK DANCE is a dance musical parody in the vein of Electric Boogaloo, Step Up, Dirty Dancing, You Got Served and every other dance movie ever made. The sexy and wealthy Cocolonia must escape her roots and learn to street dance with the help of Funky Bunch, who dreams of being the best dancer ever. They must save the Fantaseez community center from the Building Department and the evil gang banger dancers before it's too late. Will the duo be able to save their home? Only love can save them now.

Here's the thing: Freak Dance, co-directed by Matt Besser and Neil Mahoney, seems neither original enough or comprehensive enough in its movie references, and besides, it looks like a mainstream knock-off of the indie flick The F.P. (which had a much more deadpan approach and better faux-period accoutrements) mixed with a touch of Children's Hospital. I'm not completely sold, and time will tell if Freak Dance is solid enough to make it to audiences; it plays the Austin Film Festival next month and currently has no release date set.