Shutter Island, Up in the Air, True Grit Bundle Pack Contest: We Have a Winner!

Let's hear it for all of the readers who submitted some of the most thoughtful and hilarious 10-word reviews that Movieline HQ has ever read in honor of our Deadline Hollywood Game giveaway! As much as we'd love to send you all copies of The Fighter, True Grit, Shutter Island and Up in the Air, we can only gift the DVD bundle pack to one lucky reviewer. And the winner is...

...Movieline commenter and clever guest critic Owlfriend for the following review of Shutter Island:

"Shuttered windows, padlocked doors, mad mind games upon the moors."

Please e-mail your contact information to so that we can send you your prize.

To everyone else, thank you for making this giveaway one of our most competitive events yet. When you're not playing guest critic for Movieline in a future review contest, head over to Deadline Hollywood's Facebook game to play the part of actor, agent, producer and director while clawing your way up the industry ranks. It's a more productive use of your time than tracking the weight gain of your high school classmates, I promise!