'In Short, Catching Hell is a Horror Film'

In addition, that is, to an exceptional Alex Gibney documentary premiering tonight on ESPN: "How could the Cubs, up 3-0 and five outs away from the World Series, manage to lose 8-3? Did the players feel the expectation and the dread of its upending and so fulfill their fans' darkest fears? And why was it that once that game six was lost, most of the fans in Wrigley -- and even some of the players, as it turns out -- were certain that they would lose the next day, as if the fates had decided to twist the knife in their wound?" [Grantland]


  • Martini Shark says:

    This was a good doc. When the preacher explained the specifics behind the scape goat in history it was eerie how that exact scenario played out for Bartman in real time at Wrigley.