Watch Hugh Jackman School a Robot Rocky-Style For Real Steel

Ready or not, Real Steel will box its way into theaters Oct. 7. Before deciding whether you want to spend $15 worth of your hard-earned WWE funds on robo-Rocky, check out Hugh Jackman train his mechanical fighter below.

· Justin Timberlake will star in and produce Spinning Gold, a biopic of Neil Bogart, the 1970s record producer who co-founded Casablanca Records and helped launch the careers of KISS, Donna Summer, and The Village People. The script was written by Bogart's son, Tim, who says that he instantly knew that Timberlake was right for the part: "When Justin walked into the room, that was the moment I had been waiting for 29 years...He has the exact same energy as my father, the same glimmer in his eye." [Deadline]

· DreamWorks has purchased the rights to Roald Dahl's The BFG. E.T. writer Melissa Mathison is set to adapt the children's book about a big friendly giant with Bourne Ultimatum's Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall producing. [Deadline]

· A new documentary about Mayan civilization will reportedly prove that aliens were in touch with the ancient culture. The film, Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond, will be directed by Juan Carlos Rulfo and will reveal documents that the Mexican government has kept locked in underground vaults "for some time." [The Wrap]

· Who better to recap the new ABC series Pan Am than Steven Slater, the infamous former JetBlue flight attendant! [Esquire]

· Finally, program your DVR for Dustin Hoffman's first lead role in a television series. Here's a glimpse at the Oscar winner as a dirty ex-con gambler in Michael Mann's HBO series Luck. Michael Gambon, Dennis Farina, Nick Nolte and Joan Allen co-star.