Twit Wit: The 7 Best Tweets About Moneyball and Abduction

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You'll be disappointed to learn that many of your favorite Twitter stars sincerely endorsed Moneyball this weekend and failed to make jokes about Brad Pitt's hair, Jonah Hill's weight transformation, and that odious little game called baseball. Still, we're left with seven memorable tweets about the weekend's box office, and one superstar topped them all with a tandem Moneyball/Abduction double tweet attack. Impressive.

7. Bret Easton Ellis goes snark-free for a thoroughly beaming Moneyball endorsement. Put your hands together!

"Moneyball" is the only movie I've seen so far this year where a paying Los Angeles audience applauded at the end. In tears, me included.
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6. Jerry Seinfeld also shuns sarcasm with even loftier praise for Moneyball. Can't any of these guys make fun of the word "sabermetrics"? Sounds like an American Gladiators event.

"MoneyBall" my new favorite movie of all time! Disregard all previous!
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5. Dax Shepard unintentionally calls Brad Pitt old amid gushing. The 47-year-old Pitt surely resents being aged 3-12 years.

Just saw Moneyball. Even in his 50's Brad still has the power to make me question my sexuality.
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4. Scott Aukerman puts a little English -- Johnny English -- on his love for Moneyball. Showin' for Rowan.

Moneyball is my SECOND favorite movie starring someone named Mr. Bean!
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3. Mark Leggett brings new definition to the term "Ripley's Believe It or Not." Psh, I pick 1988 and Working Girl all the way, Mark.

I joked that I wanted to sleep with 1979 Sigourney Weaver, and now my girlfriend is angry with me. My girlfriend is 2011 Sigourney Weaver.
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2. In one refreshing blast, Rainn Wilson does something fun with the name Moneyball. Phew.

I call my left one 'Moneyball.'
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1. In a twice-as-refreshing blast, Rainn Wilson remarks upon the fiasco that is Abduction. Scrote gets our vote.

I call my right one 'Taylor Lautner'. It has abs.
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