Ex-Mobster: John Travolta Isn't Man Enough To Play John Gotti

JohnTravolta150.jpg"For John Gotti Sr, you need a man's man to play that role," critiqued former mobster Lewis Kasman about John Travolta's casting in the upcoming crime-boss biopic from Barry Levinson. "He's a thug, so you need someone who's a thug... a guy who grew up in that life." Apparently, Travolta's Oscar-nominated Saturday Night Fever performance doesn't hold much weight among the mob set either: "John Gotti Sr. never danced a dance in his life." [Daily Mail]


  • Tommy Marx says:

    Seriously? John Travolta, who has made a few questionable choices but has also given some phenomenal performances, isn't right to play a loser like Gotti? Because he didn't resort to beating up people and killing people ad nauseum?
    Next someone's going to complain that Jodie Foster played an FBI agent even though she's never been a G-Man a day in her life. And Helen Mirren will be stripped of her Oscar because she was never royalty, damn her devious soul!!!
    Julie, I can't do it, but I hope you can find it in your heart to call Mr. Kasman and let him know that, prior to his death, Mr. Ledger was not a psychopathic killer who liked to wear white face powder and smeared lipstick. It's called acting. Perhaps you would be kind enough to familiarize him with the concept.

  • AS says:

    "Phenomenal performances"? I mean he was very good in Saturday Night Fever & Pulp Fiction but "phenomenal"? That might be a bridge too far.

  • The Pope says:

    You're forgetting Travolta was in PHENOMENON.

  • j'accuse! says:

    John Gotti danced many a dance in his life. I have proof.

  • Did he dangle Bruno Tonioli out a window after a testy exchange back in the day? Because that would be awesome.

  • Ian says:

    truth is no one could play john gotti sr in a movie. Why? he was one of a kind and REAL, u cannot come close to what he was thinking or how he lived accurately. The ONLY person around that could do that would be his son and even HE couldnt do that 100% accurate. creating a movie about him would hurt his reputation as a LEGEND in the streets. Let real be real. Gotti was old fashioned and there is slim to none left around like that these days. if he was alive he'd bitch slap all of u for even thinking of it. Let him rest in peace and with the rep that went with him.

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