Mindy Kaling Explains Hollywood

MindyKaling225.jpgA funny thing happened on the way to Mindy Kaling attempting to sell a rom-com in Hollywood: "The junior executives' office at Thinkscope Visioncloud was nicer than any room within a fifty-mile radius of the Office studio. After I finished pitching one of my ideas for a low-budget romantic comedy, I was met with silence. One of the execs sheepishly looked at the other execs. He finally said, 'Yeah, but we're really trying to focus on movies about board games. People really seem to respond to those.' For the rest of the meeting, we talked about whether there was any potential in a movie called Yahtzee! I made some polite suggestions and left." [The New Yorker]


  • Long time reader, first time commenter says:

    This made me so, so sad.

  • troofire says:

    Do these execs go through some mind-altering brainwash when they get hired for these jobs? They're even more locked-in-step than the tea-partyers. And just as crazy.

  • Bob says:

    These "executives" are all in their early to mid 20s and are only concentrating on satisfying the 12-19 year old demographic. The get feedback from "focus" groups filled with gum-chewing, texting/tweeting teens who couldn't focus if their lives depended on it. Hollywood is a sad place and business.

  • joe says:

    Another romantic comedy - Get her a three picture deal! Isn't this the true problem with Hollywood where the actors are become the deal makers. Not saying she doesn't have talent, but I roll my eyes everytime I see "Staring in" and "produced by" the same person.