Finally: The Harrison Ford/Sean Young Reunion You've Been Waiting For

harrison_ford_sean_young500.jpgIn the discussion as to whether or not Daniel Craig is the new Harrison Ford, we should note one critical factor separating screen legend from his younger, blonder Hollywood counterpart: Just one of them has weathered a film with Sean Young and lived to not only tell the tale, but also keep the flame alive in a moment of late-career triumph.

That was the spirit on Saturday night, anyway, when the Blade Runner co-stars were reunited in L.A. for the 50th Anniversary Stuntmens Gala Honoring Harrison Ford. Fun! I mean, think how easy it would have been to just bring out Carrie Fisher.

Still, this only makes me wonder what Alison Doody is up to these days.

[Click right for full-size image; photo via Getty Images]