Fantastic Fest: Frodo Loses Epic Nerd Fantasy Boxing Match

ff_monaghan300.jpgA quick update from Austin, where the Fantastic Debates took place at midnight pitting filmmakers, actors, and astrophysicists against each other in spoken debates before pounding it out in the boxing ring: If you were betting on Elijah Wood to reign victorious over Lord of the Rings buddy Dominic Monaghan (or in Hobbit terms, Frodo vs. Merry, who were debating the awesomeness of another fantasy nerd obsession, World of Warcraft), you'd have lost.

Monaghan triumphed handily in the ring and won the crowd over by revealing that he plays the game as an Undead Warlock and once met a comely lady WoW player in person only to discover she was "a guy named Dave." Stars -- they're just like us?

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