Will You Grind to Betty White's Club Anthem 'I'm Still Hot'?

I keep listening to club diva Luciana's new single, "I'm Still Hot" to make sure my ears aren't deceiving me -- yes, that is featured performer Betty White squeaking, "I'm still hot!" and "I left my Emmys in my beatbox!" and "I will get you sweaty because I'm the big Betty!" over the pounding thumps. Dear lord. At she didn't namedrop You Again. Listen to the 89-year-old legend croon like Ke$ha after the jump.

First of all, Luciana appears to be a blend of Pussycat Doll and Kardashian genes, which is an unforeseen mutation in the evolution of our species. Secondly: Guess what, Betty's still hot. If she wants to yammer on a club anthem and rap about being a golden girl, she gets to. I'm not sure "I'm Still Hot" will end Pitbull's club reign, but whatever, that guy sounds like a tubercular predator. Dance, Betty, dance!

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