Trailer: Katherine Heigl is Trouble in One for the Money

It's probably not a good sign when your movie's release date is rescheduled twice and eventually kicked back to January, the doom-iest movie month. Unfortunately, that's the case with the new Katherine Heigl joint One for the Money, which is based on Janet Evanovich's 1994 novel of the same name. Here are some clues: Heigl drives around with a naked old guy, Sherri Shepherd plays a prostitute who snaps, "I'm hungry," and Debbie Reynolds accidentally shoots a turkey. Prestige!

Who decided to pick one of P!nk's least successful singles to play over this trailer? We couldn't have chosen "Don't Let Me Get Me" or "So What"? I'm arguing over this petty matter because there's no curing the rest of the trailer, which is an overly loud, under-inspired, Debbie Reynolds-degrading circus. Quickly, we need an antidote! Here's Debbie Reynolds being priceless.

I've posted that clip ten times before, but still: Glamor! Cuddling up with Eddie Fisher! Arlene Francis is the most fabulous woman who ever lived! Random House publisher Bennett Cerf was a celebrity! And Debbie is so wonderful. Glad we're all better now.

Verdict: 27 Distresses

Katherine Heigl Chases Bad Guys in First 'One for the Money' Trailer [Cinema Blend]


  • The Pope says:

    I don't know how she does it.

  • Tee says:

    I don't know, it doesn't seem to look any worse than any of Heigl's other films. Not that this is saying much.

  • Tommy Marx says:

    wtf The Pope, your answer has nothing to do with the damn article

  • Tommy Marx says:

    While I still have three more hours being entertained by my "wtf tommy, your answer has nothing to do with the damn article" meme, I do have to politely disagree with you. I liked Heigl in Knocked Up and (to a much less extent) 27 Dresses. But this movie just looks ridiculously bad. I mean, even more so that I Don't Know How She Does It. I read two or three of the Stephanie Plum books, and they weren't very good. But they were Shakespeare compared to the trailer for this bomb.

  • Kat says:

    I love the Stephanie Plum novels, so am definitely going to see the film. I'm excited about it. I agree the trailer was long on bangs and short on substance, but what trailer isn't? They're all a bunch of disjointed scenes and most don't ever give one an inkling of what the movie is about. So picking on this trailer just seems petty when there are lots of others that are so much more disjointed.

  • KevyB says:

    The Plum novels are okay, as far as fluffy goofball entertainments go. The problem is EVERY BOOK HAS THE SAME LAUGHS! Stephanie being stupid and wanting to bone two different dudes, Lula being obnoxious, Morelli being exasperated, Ranger being sexy scary, Grandma acting like Sophia from Golden Girls. How they expected to make a bunch of movies, especially with someone in the lead who would just quit after the second one, is beyond me. Well, at least now it doesn't appear that sequels are going to be an issue.