Friday Box Office: Everyone Plays Moneyball


What did I tell you last week, Contagion? Enjoy your box office reign while you can, because Moneyball is destined to conquer. Lo and behold, viewers flocked to hear Brad Pitt's sabermetric-al wisdom, putting the movie at the top of the heap for Friday's tally. But is The Lion King (in 3D) shaping up to win its second weekend in a row? Check out Friday's numbers after the jump.

1. MONEYBALL: $6,750,000

2. THE LION KING (IN 3D): $6,050,000 ($45,596,000)

3. DOLPHIN TALE: $5,110,000

4. ABDUCTION: $3,800,000

5. KILLER ELITE: $3,500,000

6. CONTAGION: $2,625,000 ($51,182,000)

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