The Jack and Jill Poster is Great!

jack_and_jill_poster.jpgHaters gonna hate, but really. Come on. Tell me this new poster for Adam Sandler's twin-sibling comedy Jack and Jill isn't coaxing you into the pillowy bosom of anticipation. Tell me its nuanced, dulcet comic strains don't seductively sing from the page -- that you do not tumble under the influence of Sandler's masculine grimace and toothy distaff gape, or that those hormonal pangs stirring within are attributable to anything besides the provocative tagline. Tell me your pen doesn't slip through quivering, perspiring fingers as it notes that singular release date on every calendar in the house, or that when those calendars have expired at year's end, the vacant wall space left behind will not be stuffed with the engorged genius of Sandler's marketing muscle. Go ahead. I'm waiting.

[Click image for bigger; via JoBlo]