Killer Elite Pretty Much Gives Up With New Red-Band Trailer

I've said it before, I'll say it again: I enjoyed the Statham/De Niro/Owen assassin intrigue Killer Elite -- more than most, it appears. But hoo boy, this new red-band opening-day trailer is misguided. At least two scenes here aren't even in the movie, and the gratuitous female nudity is like... what? Anyway, I'm only posting it as a public service advisory letting you know this movie is better than this puerile, hard-rawkin', NSFW garbage. Desperate marketing gone wrong -- and your complete Friday Buzz Break -- after the jump.

[via Trailer Addict]

· Kim Delaney has probably had better public-speaking appearances than her cut-off, slurry one last night honoring ex-U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates. [THR]

· "As an experiment, let's exist in a universe where our generation of filmmakers is enough to fill out the movie canon. Let the film school prigs, art house snobs, and the better half of film critics publishing today slavishly catalog the classics and engage in numbing debates over who did it first and who did it better..." There's a new movie column out there, if you think you can stand it. Hint: You can't. [GQ]

· "At no time during the 2002 season did scrappy bat-boy 'Tugs McGillicuddy' deliver a game-winning grand slam while pinch-hitting for Eric Chavez, after the All-Star third baseman faked a hamstring pull to help his leukemia-afflicted young friend live out his Major League dream." Indeed. Let Mark Lisanti walk you through the artistic liberties of Moneyball. [Grantland]

· The on-again, off-again Lone Ranger appears to be on again at Disney. [Deadline]