Ask a Dolphin: Real-Life Marine Mammals Review and Reflect on Dolphin Tale

We know what the critics think of the new family film Dolphin Tale, featuring the real-life amputee dolphin Winter in the story of a marine mammal outfitted with a revolutionary prosthetic after a crab-trap accident cost her her tail fins. But while the movie may prove inspiring to human viewers, Movieline dares to ask the question that all too commonly eludes our species: What about the dolphins?

In the latest installment of our "Ask a Professional" series (which previously included film-festival programmers and an adult-film superstar), we hit the high seas and at least a couple aquatic theme parks to solicit Dolphin Tale reactions from the creatures for whom the film matters most.

So first things first: What was your reaction to the film in general?

Ouch. Harsh. Let's be specific, though: What did you like? What was authentic about it? What left much to be desired?

How do you like working with human counterparts overall? How do they compare to the great dolphin talents of the sea?

Early on, we see Winter's tail ensnared in a crab trap. As a dolphin, how did that scene affect you?

How would you say Dolphin Tale compares to other Morgan Freeman/Ashley Judd collaborations like Kiss the Girls and High Crimes?

Be honest: If you ran into a mammal veterinarian as handsome as Harry Connick Jr. in real life, how do you think you'd react?

There are rumors in the dolphin community suggested that Winter suffers from severe body dysmorphia, and that the crab-trap incident was simply her acting out. What's your take?

Ultimately, though, with dolphins so underrepresented in cinema as a whole, wouldn't you recommend this to your dolphin friends -- particularly on such a competitive weekend of new movies featuring Brad Pitt, Taylor Lautner, Jason Statham, Robert De Niro, Gerard Butler and others?

OK, well, the pod has spoken. Is there a better film about maimed dolphins that you'd recommend?


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  • Andrey Min'kov says:

    If Angelina Jolie in the following life becomes a dolphin it is possible to talk to it about much.