Who's Up For a New Scarface? And 5 Other Stories You'll Be Talking About Today

scarface_1983_300.jpgHappy Thursday! Also in today's edition of The Broadsheet: Elton John wants to make a musical biopic about Elton John... Harvey Weinstein gets to a special Place with Sean Penn... Joe Pesci will reportedly sue for his Gotti role... Ang Lee is very serious about his 3-D Life of Pi... and more.

· Scarface, the gangster narrative already known for influential film versions in 1932 and 1983, is basically turning into the Star is Born of violent outsider mob legends: Universal and producer Martin Bregman (who produced the '80s incarnation) are reportedly reteaming to develop a new version for contemporary audiences. "The film is not intended to be a remake or a sequel," notes Deadline, and everything from the lead character's ethnicity to the specific crime racket of choice has yet to be determined. Hmm. I feel like maybe a ruthless freshman Tea Party delegate in Washington would really take this to the next level. [Deadline]

· Elton John is adapting his life story for the screen, roping in his Billy Elliott writing partner Lee Hall for a "biographical musical fantasy" called Rocketman. But can it coexist with Scarface? [Deadline]

· The Weinstein Company has picked up the Sean Penn-as-Robert Smith-as-Nazi hunter road-trip flick This Must Be the Place for U.S. distribution. JUdging by Stephanie Zacharek's review out of Cannes, this one will see scissors before it sees theaters. [Press release]

· The producer of Gotti: In the Shadow of My Father says that Joe Pesci doesn't have a leg to stand on in his suit claiming they reached an "iron-clad," $3 million deal for Pesci to star in the film. OK, fine about the leg. Does he have a contract? Seems like that might settle it. [TMZ]

· Fox chief Tom Rothman wants to make it very, very clear that Ang Lee has great expectations for the 3-D in The Life of Pi: "Ang believes he can use 3-D to envelop the audience, to transport the audience on what is a very metaphysical journey," he said Wednesday at the 3-D Entertainment Summit. "It's a different language of storytelling. He's using the stereoscope to adjust the audience's relationship to that character." [LAT]

· James Cameron, meanwhile, kept it much more real about studios' 3-D conversions of their back catalogs: "They see this potential. All it takes is a little healthy greed. And doubts tend to go away." Can you not love the guy? Don't answer that. [The Wrap]


  • J K says:

    Responding In Order:
    1) Scarface, starring Wilmer Valderrama, a PG-13 re-imagining for the 'tweens. "Say LOL to my little friend." In 3-D-D (which stands for 3 different directors.)
    2) Elton John's life story is already a film. It is called Phantom of the Paradise.
    3) Comedy, nazi death camps, and heavy makeup don't mix. Ask Jerry Lewis.
    4) Pesci without a leg to stand on? More like with a leg to break. That's what Joe calls "contract negotiations" Two-legs-to-break to stand on. In 3-D (standing for 3 dislocations.)
    5) I hope Ang Lee's 3-D stroy-telling can transport me just as well as Jewel and Tobey skeeted me to the civil war era. And as masterfully as Hulk's radiant green hulk-puppies transported me to weird oedipal-Nick-Nolte-nightmare.
    6) I would like to see Cameron's conception of *unhealthy* greed. In 3-D. Now that would be a rejuvenation of the horror film. Catalog titles up for improvement through 3-D conversion: The Blair Witch Project, Akeelah and the Bee, Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed, and Delgo .

  • The WInchester says:

    As long as Tony Todd plays the Rocketman, all will be well with the world.