VIDEO: Elijah Wood Challenges Dominic Monaghan to Hobbit vs. Hobbit Fight

Fantastic Fest's annual Fantastic Debates pit filmmakers, critics, and celebrities against each other in a two-part battle that begins with a podium debate and ends with the ultimate showdown in the boxing ring. This year's Debates, held Saturday night in Austin, Texas, will get even more fantastic than usual as Elijah Wood and Lord of the Rings pal Dominic Monaghan duke it out with some Hobbit vs. Hobbit fisticuffs. Watch their challenge videos after the jump!

First, a wild-eyed Wood issues his challenge while training for the bout: "Where's your Pippin now, bitch?"

But wait! Charlie from LOST has a bold response:

Well, good luck with that. (Their topic of debate? The merits of World of Warcraft.)

Also debating (and brawling) in the Debates: Filmmaker brothers Nathan and David Zellner on the topic of robots vs. humans, an astrophysicist vs. a NASA hater arguing for and against the honor of NASA, and Fantastic Fest founder Tim League -- who fought and defeated Michelle Rodriguez in last year's Debates -- fighting undefeated bare-knuckle fighter James Quinn McDonagh, the star of the documentary Knuckle.

Watch more challenge videos over at Fandango.

Fantastic Fest: Elijah Wood Fights Dominic Monaghan in Fantastic Debates, Check Out the Pre-Fight Videos [Fandango]