When Taylor Lautner Wept

I know we all kind of visualize Taylor Lautner as a big strapping serving of beefcake and cheese, but the Abduction star is sensitive, too. Just ask him how he reacted to both the end of production and an early-edit screening of Breaking Dawn, Part 1. Or don't ask him! Fine! Either way, here's your Buzz Break.

[via BuzzSugar]

· "Is Scarlett Johansson Dating Kieran Culkin?" (Spoiler alert! No.) [People]

· Is it time for iconic manic pixie dream girl Zooey Deschanel to change up her persona? (Spoiler alert! Yes.) [Salon]

· As the 1,000,000th person cast in Lincoln, playing Confederate VP Alexander Stevens, Jackie Earle Haley wins an all-expenses-paid trip for two to DreamWorks HQ for a personal meeting with Steven Spielberg. I'm sure there will be balloons. [Deadline]

· I've been saying it for years to incredulous ears, but finally Science confirms: "Smokers are less likely to be obese. And the declining use of cigarettes across the country -- due to both tightening pocketbooks and new laws (thanks, Mayor Bloomberg) -- accounts for a bigger increase in the obesity rate in the U.S. than any other factor." So! Light up for your health! [The Atlantic Wire via The Awl]

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