What Happened to Nicolas Cage's eBay Vampire Photo? Let's Go to the Animated Videotape

The Web experienced one of those slow-news-week stirrings last weekend when a seller on eBay put up incontrovertible photographic evidence (ahem) of Nicolas Cage chilling for a portrait back around the time of the Civil War. Cage is undead, the argument (AHEM) went, and so what better way to capitalize on this bracing phenomenological development than to unload the 19th-century artifact to the highest bidder? Anyway, that auction came and went, but not without the definitive, deeply necessary 60-second animated recap you were praying for.

"Nic Cage is one of the undead, because try as he might, his career not be killed," quips the latest contribution from Taiwanese sim-news gadflies Next Media Animation. In brief: The doppelganger photo has since been pulled from eBay, and Cage is riding this wave of batshit publicity all the way to Trespass's opening day on Oct. 14. It'll do, I suppose.


  • J K says:

    No vampire has hair that unsexy. Even Count Orlok had better hair than Nicholas Cage. Maybe that's part of the misdirection? I would go for temporally misplaced Terminator over incubus. Or maybe a Highlander. Can't you just imagine Nicholas Cage screaming "There can be only one!" orgasmically as he cuts off some dude's head. Call the studio folks. Let's spitball this thing.

  • TOUCAN B ONLY 1 says:

    How'd it get burned!? How'd it get burned!!?? HOW'D IT GET BURNED!!!????
    Not the bees!! My eyes! My eyes! ARGGHHH! Just picture a Nick Cage quickening.

  • Jon Smith says:

    And if you needed more proof...

  • JCase says:

    I wonder what ultimately happened to the photo. Nicolas Cage is timeless in a way. There is no way you can undermine his talent from previous film, and I am excited about the cinematic launch of Trespass. The trailer keeps you guessing and the story seems intense. I can’t wait to see what Schumacher did with this one, http://bitly.com/o7TwhG.