Academy Announces Oscar Campaign Reform to Curb Schmoozing

oscars300.jpgBeginning January 24, 2012, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences will begin cracking down on the lifeblood that arguably keeps awards season flowing each year: Oscar parties. (Gasp!) "To the extent that the public dialog about the Oscars is who threw a good party or ran a successful campaign versus the quality of the work, that's off-point for us," Academy COO Ric Robertson told The Hollywood Reporter. "We want people to be talking about the work."

Talk about... the work... only? Well, sure. Sounds right. But restrict the Oscar parties and schmoozefests that the awards season machine runs on? What kind of country do we live in??

I kid. Let the movies stand on their own! No more buddying up between Oscar voters and filmmakers! And most importantly, no shit-talking the competition on social media! NOW I've heard everything!

A rundown of the new Academy restrictions:

- After Oscar nominations are announced on January 24 (until Feb. 21), no receptions may be held following screenings.

- During this period, Academy members (and nominees) may not attend non-screening events celebrating that year's nominees.

- Filmmakers may only participate in two Q&A panels at screenings that Academy members have been invited to.

- Remember, no crap talking the other guys on Twitter or Facebook or other social media. Or else, suspension and then bye bye membership! Got it, Nicolas Chartier?

- Also, this will be the first year in which studios may send digital screeners to voting members for consideration.

All of this means this year's campaigns should be interesting to watch, and not just to see which nominees have to take out "Consider" ads for themselves. Will awards publicists play ball? Who will make a misstep in the face of these new restrictions? More importantly, does this mean Oscar will finally get its winners right purely on the basis of the films themselves?

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