Yippee Ki-Yay... Jason Statham?

jason_statham_parker300.jpgThere's so much worth anticipating in Parker, director Taylor Hackford's adaptation of the famous literary thief created by author Donald Westlake. Honestly, though, if this sighting alone of Jason Statham on-set as the title character -- in full powder-blue suite and 10-gallon hat -- can't coax a down payment on viewing this upon release, then nothing will. (Oh -- and other pics feature some lady named Jennifer Lopez as well.) This and much more Buzz Break ahead.

[via Coming Soon]

· Ah, and here's a picture of Ingmar Bergman on the set of Jaws. Naturally. Even it's a hoax, you'll want it to be real, if only for the "Through a Glass Sharkly." jokes herewith. [Moviefone]

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· Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant is set to star in Switch, about a pro basketball player who, "[i]n a magical twist [...] switches all of his basketball-playing skills with an enthusiastic young fan who becomes the star of his high school team... and leaving Durant and the Thunder helpless." Save us, Shaq! [CBS Sports via Filmdrunk]

· What Jonah Hill really wants to do is direct. Seriously. [Esquire]