Watch the Impressionistic U.K. Teaser Trailer for Andrea Arnold's Wuthering Heights

"This is something of a pointillist Wuthering Heights, a story told more with dots and dashes than with long, bold strokes," wrote Movieline's Stephanie Zacharek after seeing Andrea Arnold's bold take on the classic novel upon its Venice Film Festival debut. Now that the film's first teaser has debuted, you can see for yourself what she meant, windswept longing gazes and foggy moors and elemental snatches of scenery and all.

The teaser has but one spoken line -- "You broke my heart... you killed me" -- spoken by Kaya Scodelario, a British actress whom I've been curious to see more from since her days on the original Skins. She plays Cathy to James Howson's Heathcliff, though we only see them in the teaser in glimpses along with their younger counterparts.

A visceral sense of nature comes through; if ever a trailer used the sound of wind well, it's this one. But between that, the dim natural lighting, and the flashes of poetic visual imagery (not to mention the near-square 1.37:1 aspect ratio) it'll be a tough teaser to crack for most audiences, even the ones familiar with the novel.

Verdict: Still: Andrea Arnold. Kaya Scodelario. A black Heathcliff. Moody landscapes. I'm totally in, whenever new distributor Oscilloscope sets its TBA 2012 date.

[via First Showing]