VIDEO: Hugh Jackman, WWE Stars Spend 6+ Uncomfortable Minutes in the Ring

Do you know what WWE fans love? Like, really feel passionately about? Australian Tony Award winners. Just ask any of the 15,000 adrenaline junkies who showed up to see pro wrestlers like The Miz and R-Truth throw down at last night's WWE Monday Night Raw and instead got... guest host Hugh Jackman shilling his upcoming robot boxing movie Real Steel! Summon your steeliest nerves and click through to watch the awkward scripted WWE drama unfold below. Warning: You may be tempted to revoke Jackman's Emmy.

"If you guys love the WWE Superstars, I know that you're going to love the ground-pounding action in my new movie Real Steel." So subtle! But still, hats off to Jackman for getting in the ring to promote his latest project even though most WWE fans presumably do not care about his illustrious stage and film career. Which was your favorite moment? When Jackman, flummoxed by the ridiculousness of the WWE skit, smirked in the grizzled face of Dolph Ziggler -- who brazenly on purpose confused him with Christian Bale? When Dolph's manager Vickie Guerrero sexually harassed the former Tony host? Or was it when Hugh Jackman vowed to consummate his love to underdogs everywhere by finding the weakest wrestler in the WWE Raw locker room and making him a winner?

And more importantly, how will this WWE marketing stunt affect your decision to see the Steven Spielberg-produced Real Steel when it hits theaters October 7?


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