Take a Guess Which Movie Brad Pitt Wants as His Legacy

Thelma and Louise. Seven. Fight Club. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The Tree of Life. To say nothing of this week's superb Moneyball. With a few arguable exceptions, these are among the Brad Pitt films you'll find generally accepted as canonical. So which, if he had to choose one, do you think he would hand down as his legacy? Hint: None of them.

It's actually kind of obvious once you hear it. Anyway, think hard, take a guess and check out his video conversation with Moneyball co-star Jonah Hill for the answer. Weigh in below with your score and/or your own favorite Pitt effort. (ADVISORY: Bonus points for anyone who can defend Meet Joe Black.)

[via Moviefone]


  • The WInchester says:

    It's Cool World, isn't it? Or True Romance

  • Nathalie says:

    Duh. It makes perfect sense, but it *never* would have occurred to me.
    I'll say that while I love most of the films listed in the article, my favorite Brad Pitt performance has always been "12 Monkeys."

  • Great call. I should have included that; I was just having a chat about it with someone the other night. Thanks!

  • By a wide margin it has to be The Assassination of Jesse James by the Blahbidy Blah Blah. Right?

  • Gah! No no no, sorry - I see - it must be Johnny Suede then. Duh. DiCillo FTW!

  • Brad says:

    In my opinion, A River Runs through It should be the movie Brad Pitt should be most proud of.

  • MV says:

    It's because he met his love on the set. Ms. Jolie. I think Jonah Hill, (who's lost a lot of weight) was hoping from something more exciting than "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" though. That answer kind of shut him down.

  • Mallory says:

    his bit in True Romance was fantastic! also, Twelve Monkeys...but the best is probably Snatch... love it!

  • AS says:

    How did you fail to include Inglourious Basterds S.T.? When it comes to Pitt's best performance, idk, there's so many. Brad Pitt is probably one of the most underrated actors. He's never usually taken seriously by "serious critics" despite having a filmography any actor would kill for. He's very similar to Matt Damon & Christian Bale in the sense that he always picks great films and never does em for the cash, I'm talking to you Robert De Niro. I think when you're talking about Pitt you have to look at three key performances which really demonstrate his range and ability: Fight Club, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and The Assassination of Jesse James (which I feel is his best performance and for which he was robbed of an Oscar nom).

  • NP says:

    _Kalifornia_ of course.
    "I feel goooood!"

  • rachel says:

    he's so sweet!

  • How did _I_ fail to include it? How did _he_ fail to include it??
    In all seriousness, you're right. It belongs with the greats.

  • choddie buchanan says:

    "A River Runs Through It" introduced me to (and made me fall in love with) Brad Pitt)

  • The Pope says:

    Yes Brad, Mr. & Mrs. Smith changed your life.
    But really, it was Thelma & Louise that changed your life. And it also changed a lot of women's lives.

  • Paige says:

    Well wow....I feel sort of like uh-duh but at the same time like really? you want to remind the whole world AGAIN that you were once unhappily married and then met Angelina Jolie.....geesh.

  • James says:

    I found it interesting how awkwardly Pitt avoids saying the reason for choosing this film. Hill even presses him for the reason, and Pitt starts to speak, but stops himself.

  • blizzard bound says:

    The Assassination of Jesse James was for me the first time I had respect for Pitt as an actor. He was excellent in that film.

  • tbk2 says:

    12 Monkeys.

  • Rita says:

    Okay, I'll say it: I loved Meet Joe Black. If Death really looks like Brad Pitt, then I'm ready to go.

  • J K says:

    Am I the only fan of Babel?

  • casting couch says:

    His legacy? Dunno. His most iconic? Probably Fight Club.

  • J K says:

    Aw. You're mean, STEHEN TIBERIUS VANAIRSDALE (that's my guess at your name, you see.)
    But, yes, somewhere in an alternate universe Brad Pitt ran off with his co-star Cate Blanchett and they have made a little mowhawked brood of future A-listers.

  • J K says:

    It's such a psychoanalyst's dream. Your powerful daddy is dead, but here, death is going to give you a great dude so you don't fall in love with him.
    But there is something sweet and sensual in that film. Really. It's so quiet, and sortof stoic. But the portentousness of it is just SO white-bread. Last time I caught it on TNT, I started uncontrollably laughing as he started over the bridge and the sappy strings exploded AGAIN and fireworks exploded. It was just so weirdly anti-climatic. Maybe that was supposed to be the deep existential point?
    And as for the implication that the total stranger who was obliviously restored to life in Pitt's body is just going to go right along and be the beloved for the gal. Jeez. Are women that shallow? Just any soul in Brad Pitt's body will do? Death will be missed, but hey... gotta make do.
    Oh, the awful truth.

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