Exclusive Video: 50 Cent Hopes Bruce Willis Thriller Set Up Boosts His Love Life

Movieline can't help but root for 50 Cent and his acting career, football cancer movies and all. In an exclusive behind the scenes clip from his upcoming DVD release Set Up -- a diamond heist thriller co-starring Bruce Willis and Ryan Phillippe -- the rapper-thespian opens up and gets personal talking about the impact he hope his latest acting endeavor makes on his career and dating life.

"I hope they realize that I'm a little bigger than usual, because it's on the really, really big screen," quips Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson backstage on the set of Set Up, which sadly forgoes a theatrical release and instead hits DVD and Blu-ray today. You can find him in the make-up chair, ladies, winking those "Coca Cola-colored" eyes at you. "I really just hope this does great things for my love life," he smiles. So do we, Fiddy. So do we!

The synopsis of Set Up, however, takes a decidedly more serious tone:

Former friends are pitted against one another after a diamond heist goes wrong. Betrayed, Sonny (Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson) takes matters into his own hands when he partners with a notorious mob boss (Bruce Willis) to seek revenge against his former ally who took off with his loot. But when Sonny finally comes face to face with the man he's been hunting, he's forced to make a life-altering decision.

Ryan Phillippe and Randy Couture co-star in the release, which hits DVD, Blu-ray, Digital Download, and On Demand today.


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