Breakfast at Tiffany's 50th Anniversary Giveaway: We Have Our Winners!

Let's hear it for all the readers and Audrey Hepburn devotees who participated in this week's Breakfast at Tiffany's 10-word-review contest in honor of the film's 50th birthday. We've received a deluge of submissions but alas, we could only choose three as winners. Click ahead to see whose witty write-ups earned them a special anniversary Blu-ray edition of the Blake Edwards classic.

The winning submissions are:

· @seabisquick: "Hilarious party scene. Iconic Audrey. Moon River. Go away, Rooney."

· Rafael P. Reyes: "Elegant, bittersweet romance between outsiders posing as sophisticated New Yorkers."

· Monkey0111: "Audrey navigates the mind of Holly with sprightly, cuckoo resolve."

Congratulations to the winners -- whom we will contact privately in the next few hours -- and thanks again to everyone who participated in this special Breakfast at Tiffany's contest. Stay tuned for more Movieline giveaways!