Watch Jennifer Lopez Recycle the Love Potion No. 9 Plot in Her New 'Papi' Music Video

Aside from providing a cautionary tale about why you should never build a feature-length movie around a doo-wop song, there has never been any use for Sandra Bullock's 1992 flop Love Potion No. 9. Until today -- because its plot has apparently inspired Jennifer Lopez's first post-break-up music video "Papi." Tate Donovan, this could be the pop culture relevance you've been waiting for.

Only instead of downing a love potion from a lonely biochemist like Sandra Bullock's character does in the movie, J. Lo eats a heart-shaped cookie baked by a knowing Jamaican woman who collects the mail in J. Lo's character's apartment building. (Because J. Lo "the character" is relatable and lives in a walk-up building unlike J. Lo the entrepreneur who partnered with Blackberry and Fiat for this video.)

The next day, men everywhere become obsessed with J. Lo and come out in choreographed masses. They chase after her ride, they punch each other out, they steal hybrid dogs to win her affection, they FLIP CARS OVER IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET, they set things on fire, they leap over city buses on motorcycles, they crash armored vehicles into water hydrants...they daintily lift her through her sun roof and place her on the street so she can lead them in a flash mob?

Okay, at least there is a narrative -- even if it is corny and inspired by a '90s movie -- which is more than Shia LaBeouf and Marilyn Manson can say about their nightmare-inducing video for "Born Villain."