Happy 72nd Birthday, Fred Willard! What's His Funniest Screen Moment?

Screen shot 2011-09-18 at 9.36.28 AM.png

Yes, we've fallen into a birthday k-hole this week at Movieline, but we have to honor Fred Willard, that improvisational guru and trusty supporting player, who turns 72 today. What's his best onscreen moment? You get a congratulatory phone call from me if you choose High Strung.

Best in Show is Christopher Guest's best movie, but I think the best Fred Willard moment is from Guest's quaint followup A Mighty Wind: As failed sitcom star Mike LaFontaine, Willard pairs shock-blond hair with shock-orange shirts and about as much self-awareness as an overexcited toddler. Here, he introduces his character, the "catchphrases" from his old show Wha' Happened?, and the way he came to join the Main Street Singers. Happy 72 to a hardworking comic legend!

Your favorites? The "loopy" routine from Best in Show earns a 2nd Place ribbon from me.

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