Knuckle Documentary Trailer: Bare-Knuckle Boxing With the Fam!

The Sundance selection Knuckle, Ian Palmer's documentary about feuding Irish families who engage in illegal bare-knuckle fights to bring honor to their clans, is more than scary: It's angry. The new trailer shows all the hateful grit, bloodied torsos, and familial sanctity you can imagine, and it even throws in a few shots of the children fighting too. The gloves are off, and the intimidation is on. (Who am I, Gene Shalit?) Lock up your sons, and watch the trailer after the jump.

As a documentary, I imagine Knuckle falls prey to the fact that the families are obsessed with presenting themselves in the right light outside the ring. That still doesn't mean a line of gravely serious dialogue like "Your man will be going to the hospital, because I'm going to hurt him any when I can" is any less chilling; this trailer bursts with seething conviction, and I'm particularly interested in hearing from the mothers and children of these pugilists. Did you not wince watching the kids punch each other? With their giggly McDonald's Playland faces? I need about eight Enya ballads to undo my damage.

Knuckle is officially released December 2.

Verdict: Somebody Up There Hates Me (and My Family)

'Knuckle' Theatrical Trailer [/Film]


  • ZebedeeDooDah says:

    The women of the Traveller community are represented quite a lot in My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, but as you might guess from the title it's not exactly insightful. Or accurate. Or of any real worth to anyone in the world (unless you like the ridiculously extravagant dresses, which are pretty fantastic).