Roman Polanski to Finally Collect Swiss Award

polanski_witnes_top.jpgOK, let's try this again: Two years after Roman Polanski's journey to Zurich to collect a lifetime achievement award turned into jail stay followed by months of international legal and diplomatic intrigue, the 78-year-old director will return to the city's film festival to finally receive his honor in person. The Sept. 27 ceremony will precede the world premiere of what has been identified only as a "full-length non-fiction film." Any guesses? [Variety]


  • KevyB says:

    It's the true story of a guy who drugs and rapes a teenage girl, flees the country before paying for his crimes, yet somehow still finds actors lining up to star in his movies. Oh, like that's believable.

  • GLAM says:

    Polanski did not rape the teenage girl - he gave her drugs and had sex with her - this is unlawful enough.
    Why did alleged child molester Michael Jackson and murderer O.J. Simpson not flee the country? Because they had more money and did not confess anything. Polanski did confess what he did - that is a mistake in the US justice system and when he realized what California was up to he fled. Considering the recent Casey Anthony case - do you really think Polanski still should get punished for what he did while your country is not able to jail murderers?