Michele Bachmann Probably Not Accepting Harvey Weinstein's Butter Invitation

Tea Party presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann has an unlikely suitor in studio chief and liberal patron Harvey Weinstein, who issued a statement Tuesday night inviting the Minnesota congresswoman to her native Iowa for the U.S. premiere of his satire Butter.

The Bachmann campaign hasn't responded to Movieline's request for comment, but let it suffice to say -- based on Butter's send-up of the archconservative Midwestern competitive spirit and the verbiage read by co-star Olivia Wilde prior to the film's gala Toronto Film Festival premiere -- she probably won't be attending:

"In 20 years of coming to the Toronto Film Festival, I've never released a statement for a film. But I would like to take this moment to formally invite Republican Congresswoman from Minnesota and Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann to co-host with me the big premiere of Butter in Iowa in a few months from now. I know Michele will already be in Iowa for the caucus, so we can save some money on airfare and travel. I would, of course, be more than happy to fly in the other leading members of the Tea Party movement to make an entire day of it. We could take some math classes in the morning to help balance the budget, brush up on the Constitution in the afternoon, play some ping-pong, and then maybe some verbal ping-pong on gay rights and women's rights (especially the right to choose). But at night we can all go hand-in-hand to the premiere of Butter, a fun and important film where we'll share some popcorn and laughs. These are the kind of bipartisan effort that makes America great. I look forward to hearing from Michele, and I'm particularly looking forward to those classes on the Constitution. All my best, Harvey."

Harvey! That rascal! This doesn't quite rival that rollicking Blue Valentine/NC-17 publicity stunt from last year, but it's good to see the old boy staying hungry and creative.

· Harvey Weinstein Pokes Fun at Michele Bachmann and Tea Party Before Butter Screening [THR]


  • NP says:

    It just tickles me to know that Movieline contacted the Bachmann campaign.

  • Respectable journalism FTW!

  • J K says:

    All I could think about from the title of this post was a certain notorious scene in Last Tango In Paris. "Not Accepting Harvey Weinstein’s Butter Invitation" has, then, a whole other meaning.
    I need a shower. Or fifteen. Actually, does anyone have another set of skin I could borrow?

  • Mike says:

    Harvey Weinstein is a total doooosh…Here’s a big hint to the Hollywood liberal freaks: keep your politics to yourself and just do your job.. Half the country is liberal and the other half conservative, so why not try to avoid alienating half of the country with your ridiculous comments.

  • Chaim Paddaman says:

    Harvey Weinstein and the Hollywood elite present with distinctive clinical manifestations of malignant narcissistic traits. Weinstein and the Hollywood elite believe that Roman Polanski's sexual abuse of a child was an Hollywood entitlement. The sole purpose of state and federal law is not to benefit Weinstein and the Hollywood elite, as they demanded soft Hollywood justice for Roman Polanski. Harvey Weinstein bankrolled the political campaign of Hillary Clinton. It makes you think. How many complimentary tickets to the Hollywood casting couch have been issued to politicians and district attorney's by Weinstein and the Hollywood elite? Is it the casting couch that have made Hollywood untouchable and above the law? Harvey Weinstein is up to his eyeballs in sleaze. He is dangerous. He is not a mensch. Give Harvey Weinstein his dues, he knows where the bacon is at; Between the pig's tochas. Alas, Porky Weinstein is a mishugener...

  • P.Arracleet says:

    Ahhh yes, That Harvey Weinstein is so funny and charming,..but never quite so adorable as when he's defending his pedo-rapist pal Polanski.

    A rancid soul wrapped in rancid flesh.

  • Isela says:

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  • Trinity says:

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