I Spent 29 Minutes Playing Dirty Dancing On Facebook So You Don't Have To

Not every Facebook game can be as engaging as that of our sister site Deadline. Take the Hollywood social-media fun-time application unveiled today: Dirty Dancing, a hip-swinging, watermelon-schlepping journey through all the rocking romance of the classic 1987 film. But pixelated! Because, you know, nobody puts Baby in a corner, but apparently putting her in 16-bit animation is totally fine.

"By visiting http://apps.facebook.com/dirtydancinggame, everyone who has ever wanted to be a part of those magical times in the Catskills can now have the time of their lives by acting as managers and caretakers of Kellerman's Resort," notes a press release sent along to Movieline HQ. "Players and their Facebook friends will join the characters to build the resort, provide guests with fun activities and dances, spread romance and enjoy music from the classic Dirty Dancing soundtrack. The game is designed using Pixel Art to re-create that fun and innocence which made Dirty Dancing one of the most popular films of the '80s."

The time of my life, eh? Let's give it a shot!


Uh, whoa. "Pick a Trainer now!" OK! Stop yelling! So wait, though: I'm a straight guy. Am I supposed to want Johnny as a trainer? I think? He's the dancer, right? Isn't it creepy if I go with the coltish teen virgin? Fuck it. Johnny it is. [SELECT]


Swell! I don't... see them? Is that the clubhouse over there, though? I could use a drink. There are girls in the bar, yes? Six vodka gimlets and a hotel key is perfectly good romance. Let's get sparking!


"Spread romance"? I love the euphemisms! Anyway, sure, I'll click.


Heads up, Single Guest: I am totally going to drop a romance wave on you right now.


Again? So soon? OK, I think I can.


But you said. Ugh. Let me get a towel.

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  • Nathon says:

    Well! I guess you didn't like it. Too bad - we worked very hard on making this game incredibly original, addictive and fun. There are plenty of places where you can discover little easter eggs from the film, including an album where you can unlock mementos from the film. This is the best game I've ever worked on and we're very proud of it - so I hope people will come try it for themselves. 90% of our players say they would recommend it to a friend and 80% rate it a 5/5. So... I respect the reviewer's opinion, but since he didn't even finish the tutorial, I'd love to know what readers think when they actually try it. This was a passion project for us, so we'd love your comments too!
    Nathon Gunn
    CEO Social Game Universe