Rampart First Look: The Nasty, Nastier Side of Woody Harrelson

The buzz circulating around Rampart at the Toronto Film Festival has it either right on the fringe of the Oscar crop (with a few judicious cuts) or simply a curio with a ferocious turn by Woody Harrelson. And now viewers at home can finally get a look at what may or may not materialize as one of the season's awards candidates -- a bundle of NSFW clips have arrived online for your viewing pleasure.

Well, maybe not pleasure, but you know. Harrelson tangles with everyone from lawyers like Sigourney Weaver and Robin Wright to his Messenger co-star Ben Foster, the latter of whose wheelchair-bound criminal gets a bit of a smackdown here. I'm surprised the producers have released as much of this film as they have here, even with their imperative to hustle up as much early buzz as possible for the awards derby to come. THR managed the first look; feast your eyes (and maybe switch to headphones) below...

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