No, Megan Fox Has Not Seen Transformers 3

MeganFox150.jpgIf you've been wondering whether Megan Fox, the Transformers bombshell who dared to compare director Michael Bay to Hitler, has seen Dark of the Moon after being replaced by pouty pin-up Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, the answer is no. "I haven't seen it yet, but I will see it," Fox told Moviefone. "I mean, if they hadn't been hitting me so hard on the press tour, I would have gone to the theater. [...] I love Shia to death; I love him unconditionally. And I love that crew. [...] I want to see it for them. I know it looked amazing in the trailer." [Moviefone]


  • Remy says:

    She mentioned Shia, she mentioned the crew... hmmm, I wonder if there's anyone she's deliberately leaving out?
    When she sees it, she'll probably be relieved she was replaced by Huntington-Whiteley, whose acting is wooden even for a "Transformers" movie.

  • johnny says:

    See you should be careful with what you say. I haven't seen Transformers 3 yet.