Natalie Portman Had Better Not Be Getting Rich Off Star Wars

carrie_fisher_leia300.jpgCarrie Fisher would not approve: "Mistakes are a drag, because you get in the area of regret and self-pity. I don't like to linger in this zone. Obviously, drug use is a huge mistake. So I've made some bad choices. That's reflected in the Princess Leia thing. I do not take it on. Me having a tantrum in the corner for my cut of Star Wars toothpaste? I don't want to get into it. Every so often, I wonder if Natalie Portman is getting more money than the none I'm getting. If she's holding a check for Princess Amidala's likeness in one hand and her Oscar in the other, that would piss me off." [The Daily Beast]


  • Dimo says:

    Unless Natalie's likeness grows a giant goiter neck, Ms. Fisher can hold on to her piss.

  • The WInchester says:

    Portman's entitled to every cent for those flicks, provided that she reimburses me the $12 I paid for No Strings Attached.

  • Mike the Movie Tyke says:

    Maybe the likeness would have more personality.

  • Kathy says:

    What does she mean "none"? She, Hamill and Ford were all given some percent (or fraction of a percent) by Lucas as a thank you between SW and ESB.
    Go talk to Mickey Rooney (and all the classic movie stars who would have benefited too) who tried to sue for TV residuals from his movies and lost.
    Or more to the point, complain to the people who have done a fraction of the drugs you have and are either in prison or homeless while you're free and (somehow) untouched.
    Wah, wah, wah.