5 Suggested Premises For Hannibal Lecter's TV Foray

Earlier today, we learned that Bryan Fuller is writing a television project about Hannibal Lecter for French TV studio Gaumont. The one-hour drama called Hannibal will center on the early days of the cannibalistic serial killer -- the Thomas Harris character made famous by Anthony Hopkins in The Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal and Red Dragon -- when he faced off against FBI agent Will Graham. While that sounds more interesting than that Sex and the City prequel series that the CW is developing, Movieline HQ has thought of five more entertaining television projects for Lecter that could not only land him a few Emmys, but might help the deranged doctor shed his bad rap and worm his way into the couch potato hearts of Americans.

Barefoot Cannibal

Format: Cooking

About the Show: Hannibal Lecter is back and this time it's to share his knowledge of gourmet cuisine! Hannibal throws open the door of his Florence home for delicious food, friends and as always, borderline frightening festivities. Not for the faint of stomach -- or vegetarians!

Sample Episode: Inspired by his stay in Florence, Hannibal creates the perfect Florence dinner party. There's mouth-watering slow-roasted liver paired with fava beans and a nice chianti, inspired by a dish prepared for a census taker who once tried to test him abroad. Plus fantastic tips on how to create the perfect Florence dinner party setting (think classical music, broken mirrors). Then, Hannibal gets into the hot seat to share his Florence cooking secrets in Ask Hannibal.

Hannibal & Clarice

Format: Sitcom

About the Show: Hannibal Lecter and Clarice Starling live together in an apartment in New York. He's a gay psychiatrist and cannibalistic serial killer. She's a straight FBI agent. Somehow, they make it work!

Sample Episode: Hannibal asks Clarice to be the mother of his child. Cher guest stars as God.

Hannibal Lecter Live!

Format: Variety show

About the Show: An American late-night talk show and the first television series hosted by a known cannibal and convicted murderer. Each night, Lecter is joined by his sidekick Kevin Eubanks -- a late-night vet who spent 15 years alongside Jay Leno -- and his house band the Starlings.

Sample Episode: After a monologue and a segment of Hannibal's favorite remote sketch, "Cannibal-walking" (in which Hannibal pokes fun at unsuspecting passersby outside his studio), Dr. Lecter speaks with Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi about her white trash upbringing in New Jersey. Later, Louis C.K. performs a stand-up routine.

Law & Order: Cannibal Intent

Format: Live-action drama

About the Show: Law & Order: Cannibal Intent centers on the investigations of the Major Case Squad in a fictionalized version of the New York City Police Department. In the style of the original Law & Order, episodes are often "ripped from the headlines." Hannibal Lecter stars as Senior Detective of a unit that specializes in cannibalization crimes. Kathryn Erbe co-stars as Lecter's partner Eames, whose pragmatic investigative skills balance out Lecter's often eccentric interrogation methods.

Sample Episode: Detectives Lecter and Eames investigate the assault of a night club dancer who has been crudely lobotomized, leaving her alive but with permanent brain damage. Neil Patrick Harris guest-stars as the primary suspect, an introverted, lonely young man whom Lecter comes to empathize with over the course of the investigation.

Cannabilizing the Kardashians

Format: Reality

About the Show: This spin-off series follows the personal and professional lives of the Kardashian/Jenner family, much like the original E! series Keeping Up With the Kardashians. The only difference is that at the end of each episode, notorious movie cannibal Hannibal Lecter feasts on the most annoying family member.

Sample Episode: Bruce is concerned when he discovers Kendall is taking birth control. Kim develops a rash on her body, and realizes she has inherited more than she bargained for from her mother. Hannibal eats Khloe.

· Hannibal Lecter TV Series in Development [ComingSoon.net]


  • It is truth! Cannibals everywhere.

  • casting couch says:

    How about Lecter guests on Jersey Shore for a month, and the cast mysteriously disappears one by one each week.

  • Scoop says:

    Hannibal and the Kardashians
    Change the name to The Three Kardashians Gruff. Make it a one-time special instead of a series.
    Hannibal waits under a bridge where the sisters jog. He plans to eat the first Kardashian that crosses. Tiny Kourtney appears, and is nearly a victim, but she talks Dr Lecter into waiting for Kim, who has more meat on her bones and the appeal of a big, juicy rump roast. Kim then attempts to cross, and Dr. Lecter attempts to eat her, but Kim talks the good doc into waiting for Khloe, who has far more meat on her bones. Khloe then comes along, and Dr. Lecter approaches her, fork in hand. But he's gotten too greedy. The gigantic young Khloe overpowers the elderly Lecter, slings him over her mighty shoulders, takes him home and eats him with a light dijon sauce and a bottle of beaujolais!
    A wise narrator, played by Derek Jacobi, then comes in to explain the moral lesson.
    Whereupon Khloe eats him as well.