Red Band Trailer for Indonesian Action Film The Raid Features the Harshest Violence of the Year

Now, now: The word "Indonesian" should make my description of The Raid's red band trailer intriguing enough. Will there be expensive coffee? Komodo Dragons? Beautiful Sumatran supermodels? Even better: Gareth Evans's The Raid (Serbuan Maut) has the harshest, roughest, bloodiest, fastest-paced action of any trailer I've seen this year. It is a rush, and it is shocking as hell. It's the rare movie that warrants a "red band trailer;" type in your birthday, click play, and let your jaw drop.

So, your day won't be the same! Especially in tandem with this. Sorry I'm not sorry. Happy Friday.

Where to begin with this bloody bacchanal? The incredible fight choreography? The sheer grit of it all? The unyielding carnage? The explosive chemistry between those guns and those faces? The volcanic bloodshed? A score by Linkin Park guru Mike Shinoda? OK, one of those things is not like the others.

The glamorization of violence is still a problem in 2011, but you have to relish a movie that just dwarfs every action film of the past year with its sheer gall. Who wouldn't want to see this now? Besides your mother. And most of your family. And those who can't stomach the terror of Saving Private Ryan's first twenty minutes as re-purposed in an Indonesian tower. For those who can take it, it seems like a gem.

Badass Digest tracked down a poster, too.


Verdict: Heartstopping, brain-combusting greatness

The Raid [MTV]