Movieline's Week in Review: Hydrangeas Have Feelings, Too!

This week we learned a lot of important lessons: First, that no matter how ridiculous something sounds -- like Eddie Murphy hosting the Oscars, what a joke! Oh, right -- things can always get ridonkulouser. Also: Madonna LOATHES hydrangeas, you serf! I mean, really. Pour a scotch and try to relax as we take you back through this increasingly silly week in Movieline news.

• We watched Hilary Duff get rejected, saw Babs spank Indiana Jones, beheld Natalie Portman being adorbs, and began crawling into the fetal position just thinking about The Human Centipede 2.

• Globe-trotting critic Stephanie Zacharek bid ciao to Venice and hello to the Toronto Film Festival.

• How did Nick Nolte become Nick Nolte? How did Madge come to hate hydrangeas? Is Eddie Murphy really hosting the Oscars?

• Thank you to our illustrious interviewees Josh Harnett, Nick Nolte, Kurt Angle, Jane Fonda biographer Patricia Bosworth, and Verge designee Ezra Miller.

• And last but not least, many thanks to guest reviewer and adult film superstar Joanna Angel for guiding us all as we contemplate watching Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star. An angel indeed!